Sunday, 12 January 2014

First Official Visit to Sunfert

Yes, we have decided to have our next ivf treatment at Sunfert under Dr Wong Pak Seng. I am very excited. Hubby is calm though.

Our initial appointment on 13/1/2014 was re-scheduled to 10/1/2014 at 2pm. The clinic was not very packed as I would have imagined as I was later told that Dr Wong had to perform a surgery at 5pm. We don't have to wait long before my hubby was asked to provide his sample for semen analysis ("SA") and we were then both asked about our previous medical history and our TTC journey thus far. We were asked whether we smoke or drink and when was the last time I did a pap smear or a blood test. My hubby confessed that he smokes an average of 13 sticks of cigarettes per day and I only managed to shake my head. I know it is hard for hubby to quit smoking so my only hope is that he smokes less. But 13 sticks are a lot! Sigh...

Anyway, I have done a hormonal blood tests on 9/1/2014 (I had a free voucher from Sunfert from an infertility forum conducted by Sunfert on 15/12/2013 which I had attended) at Gribbles laboratory but unfortunately the results have not reached Sunfert.

Dr Wong did a tummy scan, vaginal scan and pelvic check. We saw about 3 to 4 eggs on each side of the ovary and it looked like 1 egg had been released. Dr Wong commented that my ovaries do look slightly smaller than normal but everything else looks fine. The possible reason being that I had gone through 3 fresh ivf programs thus far and my ovaries may have been 'injured' during the oocyte retrieval (egg collection) procedures.

In our discussion later, the issue which concerns Dr Wong is the quality and quantity of my eggs. So, Dr Wong had suggested that I do an ovarian reserve testing which is AMH ("antimullerian hormone").

Another advice is to undergo an endometrial scratching procedure before we start the next ivf program. I have never heard of this before so when Dr Wong explained it to us, I find it very scary indeed!

Hubby was asked to take multivitamins called Bio-Selenium Plus as he is a smoker. It's selenium with zinc and vitamins A, E, B6 & C. I was asked to take co enzyme Q-10 which I am already currently taking daily. However, no Chinese herbs for me such as dong quai and pat chan. I then specifically asked if I could take bah kut teh and Dr Wong said "Why not?". I was beaming as I had craved for bah kut teh for so long! There are considerable Chinese herbs in bah kut teh and therefore I have chosen to avoid taking it altogether.

We left the clinic before 5pm without waiting for the SA results. We were both very hungry as we both had not had our lunch!

So off we went for dinner. Yes, we had bah kut teh! ;)


  1. Hi Hayzel,

    I'm a patient of Dr. Wong too...

    Do you have email? Maybe we can share infos?

    Mine is


  2. Hi mommy eYore,
    I've just sent you an email. Thanks.

  3. Hi Hayzel,

    It has been very encouraging and inspiring to read on your infertility journey.

    FYI, my husband and I visited Dr. Wong PS at Sunfert last Friday. Well, it was exactly the same procedures as your first visit. Though, my case is different because I'm a Endometriosis and Adenomyosis patient.

    Currently, I'm taking the meds as instructed and next appointment with Dr. Wong is on the 7 Oct. We will then to see my AMH result and confirm which protocols and next steps.

    The reason of me writing to you is to get some advices before we actually make the decision to go ahead with IVF treatment.

    If you don't mind me troubling you, please do email me at and I shall correspond with you privately.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.


  4. Nice to hv found people dealing with similar situation as me. Im ok to accept infertilily as my fate but my in laws are pressuring me coz hubby is their only child! How do you cope with societal pressure

  5. Infertility is not a disease. It's a condition. This is what the society fail to understand. Fertility is like how you have pimples on your face, you didn't ask for it. It's your hormone and maybe your sensitive skin. That is all.

    I was previously working in Sunfert and every patient for us are valuable. I am not from medical background but I was in administrative side in Sunfert. As far as I have worked, they always work for success, and the amount of efforts that the doctors put in to make your dream come true is priceless.
    Even nurses would talk about patient's story and sometime I see teary eye. It's soo touching to see how the nurses would jump high and low when they see a positive pregnancy results and how low they can go if patient didn't make it.

    I am not talking high about Sunfert, but this is from my experience. What I see at the backstage.

    For me, all the patients are like a warrior, definitely not similar to fertile women. Infertile couples are stronger than they think they are and each day is a battle for them. Hats off, strong women! Loves and hugs!

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